Mataam – A complete solution for an order and delivery IOS and Android application.


Mataam is a full and a complete solution for a food order and delivery mobile application. It has all what you need to start an app for food delivery, from the restaurants dashboard to the delivery men app. 
You will be able to publish it on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. It uses Stripe and PayPal for payments (The restaurant will choose what payment method it uses), Google Maps and Apple Maps to show near by restaurants and to get itinerary and other technologies such as GPS and real-time updates…


For the user:

  • Search restaurants
  • Show near by restaurants
  • Filter restaurants by type, speciality, environment, payment method, etc…
  • Show a restaurant informations and image gallery
  • Call / visit Website / show itinerary to a website
  • Show menu and meals and add them to car
  • Pay and follow the order in a map in real-time
  • Login / signup

For the delivery man:

  • Show affected deliveries
  • Show the itinerary to a delivery address in a map
  • Login / Logout (time of login and logout will be recorded and shown to the admins)
  • Change mode to available/busy
  • Map view with easiest and fastest route

For the restaurants:

  • Add / update informations
  • Add / update pictures and photo gallery
  • Create / update menu and meals
  • Show orders and prepare them to get delivered
  • Update payment informations
  • Follow orders in a map in real-time
  • Show statistics

For the admins:

  • Add / update restaurants
  • Add / update delivery men
  • Configure the dashboard
  • Show orders
  • Follow orders in a map in real-time
  • Show statistics


Setting up the app and configuring it couldn’t be easier since we provide a setup wizard that will create the configuration files for you. With the setup wizard you can:

  • Choose a title and a description for your apps
  • Change the language
  • Set your own firebase credentials
  • Secure your server with a username and a password
  • Put your own API keys for google, stripe and paypal
  • Create the first admin account

You can check the setup wizard at this link
You can also check this video to see it in action. 



  • Android SDK and/or IOS SDK (XCode)
  • NodeJS

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